How long can you go on paying good money for tobacco that can just as easily be produced at home?

Growing your own is not against the law, no matter where you live.  And let's face it, the price of tobacco is never going down, is it?

We have a truly impressive collection of tobacco seeds,  carefully chosen with the smoker in mind.

And with free, easy to follow, step by step instructions, all you need to do is provide the garden! 

We make no apologies for our home-grown website.

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Please choose from our range of seeds...the new season is upon us!

Why buy a pack of 20 cigarettes when you can grow as many as 20,000 of your own for about the same price?

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Don't throw away your money on costly, adulterated commercial tobacco. Grow your own. You know it makes sense!

hy buy a pack of 20 when you can make 20,000 of your own for the same price and without all those nasty additives ?

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Impurities and Additives.added to manufactured tobacco is common knowledge, but do you know what is used?

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The Next Best Thing to Growing Your Own !

Need help choosing? Why not try our popular types;

Virginian Gold. One of the finest and most popular strains of tobacco is now available in 3 varieties!

Try our new Turkish variety, the mild, sweet and aromatic tobacco, that is familiar to all smokers.

Over 50 of the world's finest varieties of tobacco seeds for you to grow at home, for making cigarette, pipe, cigar or snuff tobacco.

Grow Your Own for 1,000th of the cost of ready made tobacco

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